The Manresa School General Student Board (MSGSB) is an organization composed of service-oriented individuals who have heeded the call of duty to be the leaders of the student body, elected by the students themselves. The MSGSB is acting as a medium for communication between the people who run the school and the people who they run the school for. 

In addition, the MSGSB is a representation of the needs, goals and visions of the student body. It assists the Administration on matters related to student affairs. Most especially, it acts as a role model on academic excellence and servant leadership to the student body.

The Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA) was the brainchild of a group of parents from School Year 1995-1996, headed by Mr. & Mrs. Pineda with the guidance of Sr. Pacita Legaspi, F.I.

Over the years, the MSPA has aligned with the school in carrying out its mission and objectives by actively engaging in projects that helped the school improve not only its facilities but also the services to its students.

Today, the Manresa School Parents Auxiliary has established itself as a vital arm in promoting the vision-mission of Manresa School.

Manresa School is grateful to the following parents who said "YES" to the call of service as MSPA officers for S.Y. 2019-2020:

    President: Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Rolyn Sales
    Vice President: Mr. Levy & Mrs. Cristina Dabu
    Secretary: Mr. Benegildo Angelo & Mrs. Anna Laurise Mendoza
    Assistant Secretary: Mr. Paul Christian & Mrs. Bernadeth De Guzman
    Treasurer: Mr. Brijesh & Mrs. Marilyn Bali
    Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Adrian & Mrs. Geronie Federigan
    Auditor: Mr. Rajess & Mrs. Maria Olita Tamayo
    Assistant Auditor: Mr. Christian Rommel & Mrs. Dyan Jardin
    P.R.O: Mr. Arold Kirby & Mae Madeleine Mendoza
        Mr. Erwin Emmanuel & Mrs. Mari Socorro Santos
        Mr. Michael & Mrs. Rosalie Arabia
        Mr. Jose Jaime & Queenie Cruz
        Mr. Ryan Paul & Mrs. Noreen Vivo
        Mr. Rodrigo & Mrs. Salome Inciong
        Mr. Francisco Ramon & Mrs. Mary Ann Manalaysay

The Manresa School Alumni Association (MSAA) is composed of the graduates of Manresa School.

The MSAA holds a special interest in helping the school fulfill its mission as an academic institution, and at the same time, promoting and maintaining the spirit of unity among its members.

The Blessed Candida Maria Foundation (BCMF) was organized with one concrete objective - - to accept a social responsibility to enable people, especially the less-privileged, to fulfill a fundamental human need and right to education; thereby, building with and among them, human communities of hope, of belonging, creativity and joy towards the fullness of life of life due to every man, woman and child. It seeks solidarity with the poor and the disadvantaged, recognizing in them God's presence in this world.

The Foundation's existence springs from its desire to affirm the spirit of Christian love and deep commitment to integral development of people expressed in the life of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, the School's Foundress.

The Manresa School Faculty and Staff Organization (MSFSO) is composed of the faculty and staff of Manresa School who believed in their role and mission as Christian Educators molded in the specific spirituality of the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesus and motivated towards the spiritual, moral, professional, social and economic growth and development of its members. It aims to foster harmonious relations with one another and with the different sectors of the Manresa educative community.