AUG 23


     Throughout the month of August, a tapestry of creative activities comes alive, paying homage to the remarkable legacy of St. Candida Maria de Jesus. A pioneer in education and faith, St. Candida's life is celebrated through various artistic avenues, inviting students from Grade level 7 to 10  to engage in photo essays, poem writing, letter writing, and poster-making contests.
     Photo Essay: Capturing the Essence of Devotion The photo essay contest encourages participants to wield their cameras as storytelling tools. Entrants embark on a visual journey, capturing moments that reflect St. Candida's virtues—resilience, compassion, and unwavering faith. Through a sequence of evocative images, contestants celebrate the impact of her teachings on modern lives, creating a visual narrative that bridges the past and present.
     Poem Writing: Verses that Echo Reverence In the realm of words, the poem writing contest unfolds. Participants channel their emotions into verses that resonate with St. Candida's teachings. Poems become vessels of inspiration, encapsulating her dedication to education, empowerment, and spirituality. Each stanza becomes a tribute to her enduring influence, nurturing a poetic connection between hearts and her transcendent message.
     Letter Writing: Penning Epistles of Gratitude The art of letter writing finds a poignant purpose in this contest. Participants craft letters addressed to St. Candida, expressing gratitude for her contributions to society and sharing how her legacy has touched their lives. These heartfelt missives serve as a bridge between the earthly and spiritual realms, honoring her memory while revealing the far-reaching impact of her life's work.
     Poster Making: Colors and Concepts of Change The poster-making contest invites participants to infuse their creativity into visual representations of St. Candida's values. Vibrant colors and thoughtful design converge to communicate her ideals of education, equality, and compassion. These posters serve as potent reminders of the potential for positive change, resonating with viewers and encouraging them to uphold her teachings.

     August: A Canvas of Celebration and Reflection As August unfolds, these creative contests offer individuals a canvas on which to honor St. Candida Maria de Jesus. Through the lens of a camera, the rhythm of verse, the elegance of prose, and the strokes of a brush, her legacy is depicted in multifaceted ways. These activities not only celebrate her life but also engage participants in thought-provoking reflections on how her teachings continue to shape a brighter, more compassionate world.

     Meanwhile, see this gallery showing the eternal legacy of her sayings that cover across time.

The Gallery of Motther Foundress' Saying



 more to follow...