Pastoral Ministers and Shepherds' Gathering Strengthens Pastoral Bonds and Spiritual Enrichment

AUG 26

Pastoral Ministers and Shepherds' Gathering Strengthens Pastoral Bonds and Spiritual Enrichment

     In a display of unity and dedication, the new “Shepherds” of our community convened, together with the Pastoral Ministry team on Friday, August 25th, at 2:00 PM in the conference room on the second floor. This gathering aimed to fortify the bonds among our caring groups through their Shepherds while providing an opportunity for reflection and learning.

     The meeting kicked off with a moment of spiritual connection as Ms. Jenny Auditor, led the assembly in an opening prayer. Her words set a harmonious tone, emphasizing the importance of compassion and support in the role of a shepherd anchoring themselves to Jesus, the True Shepherd. Following the prayer, Sir Patrick Bugay, the Pastoral Ministry Coordinator welcomed all the attendees and conducted a roll call of the caring groups’ Shepherds. This exercise not only ensured the presence of all members but also reaffirmed the strength of their collective commitment.


     A delightful "Getting-To-Know-You" activity entitled “Passport, a Travel Necessity”, masterfully led by Ms. Tess Llorando added a layer of personal connection to the event. Attendees engaged themselves in a game that transcended their roles, allowing them to appreciate each other's uniqueness and the diverse backgrounds they all bring to their pastoral duties.


   Sr. Joji Silorio, RCA, took the stage to share her insights on the art of shepherding taking Psalm 123 as a starting point. With spiritual wisdom and insight, she highlighted the significance of empathy, active listening, and guidance in nurturing the spiritual well-being of the community members. She led the participants in sharing their own personal feelings, insights, doubts, and fears, as well as their joys and excitements in their role of shepherding.  This part was heart-warming as everyone opened up to their own realities. After some moments of reflection and feedback, the attendees were given the opportunity to share their takeaways and offer enrichments for future meetings. This feedback exchange proved invaluable for enhancing the effectiveness of the Shepherds' role among themselves.

     As the meeting progressed, Sir Patrick returned to address practical reminders for the pastoral team. He offered valuable advice on navigating challenges and maintaining a nurturing environment for the community.

     The meeting came full circle with a closing prayer, led by Sir DM, which served as a reminder of the spiritual core of their mission love and service, and the importance of unity among Shepherds and their hearts anchored in their faith and confidence in a God who is a loving Father, and the Good Shepherd.

     The Shepherds' gathering on August 25th reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to their pastoral duties. It provided a platform for knowledge sharing, personal growth, and bonding among the members of this vital community support system. As they are about to embark on this new journey of nurturing our community, their strengthened connections and shared insights promise a brighter future for all.

     Stay tuned for more updates on the Shepherds' endeavors and their contributions to our vibrant community especially during the spiritual formation events and the conduct of (BEC) Basic Ecclesial Communities’ sharing of faith.

      After the meeting, the pastoral ministers proceeded to a “casa visita” of Ms. Edith Patricio and her family, also a pastoral minister. The group had a chance to pray the rosary together, with intentions for the family, for the sick, and for peace in the world. It ended with an “agape” with some joyful exchanges exuding warmth and care for everyone present.