A Session on Discernment – First Spiritual Formation Session for the Year 2024

JAN 10

A Session on Discernment – First Spiritual Formation Session for the Year 2024

The Manresa School Faculty and Staff kicked off the new year with their first spiritual formation session in 2024, focusing on Discernment. The event was organized by the Pastoral Ministry and given by Sr. Ma Bema Solis, F.I., held at the school's AV Room. 


Sr. Bema delved into Discernment, portraying it as both a gift and an art of seeking and finding God in our daily lives. She emphasized the importance of cultivating awareness, openness to God's presence, and receptivity to His communication. Sr. Bema suggested that discerning God's presence involves paying attention to our inner feelings and interiority. She encouraged participants to engage in self-reflective questions such as, "Where is God in our lives?" and "In what particular area is He truly present, working, and laboring?" to foster a deeper connection with oneself.

Drawing inspiration from St. Ignatius, who advocated for seeking and finding God in all aspects of life, including work and personal struggles, Sr. Bema connected this concept to St. Candida. St. Candida, a follower of Ignatian Spirituality, practiced discernment throughout her life, experiencing God's presence in every moment. Notably, St. Candida also urged her family to adopt a similar approach.

In summary, Sr. Bema emphasized that discerning God's presence extends to developing a prayer life, living an interior life within our hearts, and integrating these aspects into our daily lives, values, and choices. As a practical step towards continuous discernment, she recommended downloading the "Reimagining the Examen" app and incorporating the Examen into daily routines.

The session concluded with a song-prayer, "I Am With You" by the Himig Heswita, leaving the audience inspired and reflective on the practice of discernment in their lives.