Reflections on PCNE X by some Participants

JAN 22

Reflections on PCNE X by some Participants

Some Reflections...

SALYA: Let us cross to the other side

"Whenever I walk alone, I always read and think of the word SYNOD 2021-2023 along the campus of Manresa School. Whenever I attend mass, I always hear the word Synodal way. In one of the sessions in the school, the word was introduced to the faculty and staff, but it passed only through my ears. Hence, the word SYNOD for me is for my eyes only to see and has no meaning because I don't understand it.

But God works mysteriously, and I was blessed to attend the Philippine Conference on New Evangelization 10, which was held at the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas from January 19-21, 2024. This three-day encounter brought a lot of information and awareness about SYNOD, the word that puzzled my mind. This encounter widened my horizon to understand SYNOD through the theme SALYA - Synodality in the Life of the Church: "Synodality: Let us cross to the other side" - Mk 4:35 and Traslacion: Synodality in the mission of the Church. SYNOD is not confined only to the bishops but is a shared responsibility of everyone walking together for the church's mission. In synodality, it emphasized the importance of a culture of listening to the story of everyone conversing about the story of Jesus and how we journey together on the same ground following the path of Jesus. This journey is not smooth sailing, we will encounter different experiences and let us acknowledge them. Through our mutual support, humility, openness, and strong faith that Jesus accompanied us, we will cross together bringing more to build the Church of Jesus. and share the joy of the gospel.


Roselyn M. Mirambil