"Feeling Blessed for Being Chosen..."

JAN 23

Listening to the sharing, I am increasingly inspired to persist in reaching out and going beyond. I feel truly blessed that God has chosen me to be one of His instruments, bringing His love to His people in my way and capacity. My purpose is to illuminate God’s light for those imprisoned in darkness and consumed by earthly concerns, reminding them that there is a God who sacrificed His own beloved Son for the salvation of souls.

God shapes me into who I am, and my purpose for existence is affirmed by Him in various ways. Though it is challenging, I firmly believe that everything happens for reasons to contemplate. Through this reflection, inspiration fuels my determination to continue with my mission in this world, all by His will. Salya!

PCNE X serves as an eye-opener for individuals like myself. It urges me not to be complacent with my past actions, but to persistently seek God's guidance and mercy in all my endeavors for the common good. The event encourages me to keep my eyes open, and ears attentive, and maintain a compassionate heart for those who are marginalized in our society. Gratitude and contentment for God's love should always be at the forefront, entrusting everything to Him and nothing more. Through PCNE, people have heard God's desires for His Church—a synod that is inspired and vibrant, ceaselessly dedicated to carrying out His mission here on earth.