Fostering Literacy: Book Donation Drive Empowers Students

FEB 17

Fostering Literacy: Book Donation Drive Empowers Students

Naic, Cavite

By Ms. Cristal Jane Gahol - GS Librarian 

Manresa School Learning Resource Center personnel recently organized a successful book donation drive at Timalan Hillsview Royale Elementary School and Villa Apolonia Elementary School in Naic, Cavite in coordination with Mrs. Charry Tejano, the secretary of Santa Candida Maria de Jesus Parish Pastoral Council in Ciudad Nuevo. 

The event, which took place on February 17, 2024, aimed to provide much-needed reading materials to students in these communities and to promote the importance of literacy and education. The initiative was part of Manresa School's ongoing commitment to community service and social responsibility. By organizing the book donation drive, Manresa School hoped to make a positive impact on the lives of students in underserved areas and support their educational endeavors and development. 

The event saw enthusiastic participation from librarians and library staff of Manresa School who facilitated the donation of a wide variety of storybooks, textbooks and reference materials for different topics, age groups, and reading levels. 

The Administrators, teachers, and students of Timalan Elementary School eagerly received the books with excitement and gratitude.

The event received positive feedback from the beneficiary schools, with teachers and administrators expressing their appreciation for the support and generosity of Manresa School. The book donation drive not only provided tangible benefits in terms of access to books but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the participating schools. 

The Administrators, teachers, and students of Timalan Hills View Royale Elementary School with Manresa School LRC personnel.

Overall, the book donation drive organized by Manresa School Learning Resource Center was a thrilling success, making a meaningful difference in the lives of students in Timalan Hillsview Royale Elementary School and Villa  Apolonia Elementary School. The collective efforts of the Manresa School administration and LRC personnel demonstrated the power of education and the importance of giving back to the community.

The LRC personnel were grateful for the utmost support of the Sisters and administration for this activity which was made more meaningful and enriching with the children’s mass and meeting with Fr. Joseph Mayola in Santa Candida Maria de Jesus Parish.