Journey of Bonding: Manresa School Teachers' Unforgettable Palawan Adventure

MAY 31

Journey of Bonding: Manresa School Teachers' Unforgettable Palawan Adventure

From May 31 to June 2, 2024, the teachers of Manresa School who are in their 5th to 14th years of service embarked on an unforgettable categorized educational tour. The second touring group explored the stunning scenery, unique wildlife, and vibrant culture of Palawan. This unforgettable trip aims to foster collaboration and camaraderie among the faculty.

Day 1: Wonders of the Underground River

The excitement was palpable as the teachers explored the Underground River in Puerto Princesa on the first day. Entering the cave, they were mesmerized by the stunning formations of stalagmites and stalactites.

Day 2: Fun and Adventure in El Nido

The second day took the teachers to the picturesque El Nido, where they engaged in a series of memorable activities. They had fun and memorable experiences in 7 Commando Beach, Secret Lagoon, Big Lagoon, and Shimizu Island, they enjoyed kayaking, snorkeling, and basking in the pristine waters. The vibrant marine life and breathtaking scenery created unforgettable memories for all.

Day 3: Exploring Puerto Princesa City

The final day was dedicated to exploring the diverse tourist spots in Puerto Princesa City. At the Crocodile Farm, teachers were amazed by the enormous crocodiles. A visit to Mitra's Farm offered a glimpse into the legacy of the late Senate Speaker, Ramon Mitra Jr. The teachers had a photo opportunity with one of Mitra’s sons. The journey continued to Baker’s Hill, famous for its delicious pastries, and concluded with a delightful shopping spree at the pasalubong store, ensuring everyone had souvenirs to remember their trip.

Throughout the tour, the joy and camaraderie among the teachers were evident. This adventure provided a break from their daily routines and strengthened their bonds and collaborative spirit.


Thank you, Manresa School and the Hijas sisters, for your generosity and commitment to fostering meaningful experiences for your teachers. This Palawan adventure will undoubtedly be cherished by all who participated.

By Mrs. Juliet Ledesma