Manresa School Staff in an Annual Retreat; An Experience of a Profound Spiritual Encounter

JUL 04

Manresa School Staff in an Annual Retreat; An Experience of a Profound Spiritual Encounter

Quezon City, July 6, 2023 - The staff members of Manresa School recently participated in their annual retreat, which took place on July 3 and 4, 2023, at the peaceful Manresa Retreat House on Banawe Street. Under the guidance of Fr. Braulio Bong Dahunan, S.J., the retreat proved to be a deeply transformative experience for most of the attendees, with additional support from Sr. Joji Silorio and Sr. Lee Uera.

During this enlightening journey, each retreatant encountered the activities and dynamics in a unique manner. It was evident that everyone underwent a profound and meaningful connection with the divine. Drawing from personal moments of introspection, one participant shares a noteworthy prayer that emerged.

The retreat served as a catalyst for personal transformation, enabling participants to delve into the depths of their spirituality and cultivate a stronger relationship with the Lord. It provided a sacred space for introspection, prayer, and communal support, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and faith among the dedicated staff members of Manresa School.

After the mass...

At the Grotto...

Manresa School extends its heartfelt appreciation to the staff and administration of the Retreat House, for their invaluable support and service throughout the retreat. The impact of this annual gathering is expected to resonate within the hearts and minds of all those who attended, enriching their personal and professional lives as they carry the fruits of this profound encounter into their daily lives.

Engaging in a contemplative study of the scriptural passage from the book of John, particularly focusing on the account of the foot-washing, a particular phrase, "believe that I AM," struck a chord within the heart of a participant, these words resonated deeply, sparking a profound understanding and fostering a deeper connection to the Jesus.

Below is the fruit of her prayer:

Reading and contemplating on the scripture of John, on the washing of the feet, I was struck with the words/ phrase --“believe that I AM.


When you are sad, believe that I AM here to comfort you.

When you are in pain, believe that I AM here to touch and heal you.

When you are feeling tired, believe that I will give you time to rest.

When you feel unappreciated, believe that I AM here to lift your spirit up.

When you are in doubt, believe that I AM your God you can rely on me.

When you are afraid, believe that I AM here to hug and I will never leave you.

When you feel rejected, believe that I AM here to hold your hand.

When you are in trouble, believe that I AM here to accompany you.

When you feel limited, believe that I AM here to fill you.

When you have nothing, believe that I AM here to provide.

When you are failing, believe that I AM here to raise you up.

When you are at fault or in sin, believe that I AM here ready and will always be ready to forgive you.

When things and life circumstances not go on your way, believe that I AM your God who knows what is best for you.

When you are about to give up, believe that I AM here, surrender everything and I ill take care of it.

When you are losing your hope, believe that I AM your God, trust ME.

Believe that I AM your GOD.

I love you my beloved child and I fully give MYSELF to you.

By: Tess B. Llorando - 07/03/23

4:15PM - MRH


This prayer reflection once again reminds me of God’s presence in my life and His love for me is undeniably immeasurable.

Prayer:            God almighty, may the gifts and graces we received in the retreat will sustain and continuously nourish us;

to bring new hope, to move us to begin anew and dream anew.

Thank YOU for giving yourself to us, thank YOU for loving us. AMEN.