Faculty and Staff Advent Recollection:

DEC 02

Faculty and Staff Advent Recollection:

The spirit of Advent, a season of anticipation and reflection, was warmly embraced by the faculty and staff of Manresa School during their Advent Recollection last December2, 2023 at the El Rosarillo Chapel. Guided by Fr. Bong Dahunan, SJ, who enriched his audience with his talk centered around the theme "Manatiling Gising sa Kanyang Pagdating." The recollection provided participants with an opportunity for personal and collective reflection and prayer, fostering a deeper connection in preparation to the Christmas season.

Fr. Bong set the tone for the recollection with some moments of spiritual inputs as well as adding humor to them, focused on the theme of vigilance and preparedness during the Advent season. He elaborated on the three kinds of waiting: for the first coming of Jesus in history; his second coming at the end of time, and the hidden coming in everyday life. Through biblical passages, personal anecdotes, and reflections on the challenges of waiting, he encouraged the faculty and staff to explore the significance of being spiritually awake by recognizing the distractions amid life's journey. He also proposed that waiting could also mean recognizing the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in what is happening in our lives.  Fr. Bong's words provided a meaningful foundation by giving realistic suggestions on how to keep awake for the subsequent activities, inviting participants to consider the importance of mindfulness and reflection during the Advent season.

Following the enlightening input session, the participants engaged in group sharing sessions according to the BEC Caring groups allowing faculty and staff to share their thoughts, experiences, and personal insights related to the theme. This part of the recollection fostered a sense of community and unity among the participants, as they shared their unique perspectives on the challenges and joys of waiting in their personal and professional lives. Fr. Bong's guidance encouraged open and honest dialogue, creating a supportive environment for mutual understanding and empathy.

The pinnacle of the recollection was the Eucharist celebration, where the entire community came together to participate in a sacred and communal act of worship. Fr. Bong presided over the Eucharistic celebration, infusing the gathering with a sense of spiritual fulfillment and unity. The culmination of the event in the Eucharist underscored the theme of vigilance and waiting, emphasizing the transformative power of faith and the shared journey toward the true meaning of Christmas.

The Faculty and Staff Advent Recollection with Fr. Bong as a guide was a deeply enriching experience for all participants. The theme "Keep Awake While Waiting" served as a poignant reminder of the importance of mindfulness, patience, and spiritual preparedness during the Advent season. Through a thoughtful combination of input, group sharing, and the Eucharist celebration, the event facilitated a collective journey towards a more profound understanding of the Advent message, fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth among the Manresa School faculty and staff.