Grade Three Pupils Receive their First Holy Communion during the Solemnity of Christ the King

NOV 26

Grade Three Pupils Receive their First Holy Communion during the Solemnity of Christ the King

Last Sunday, November 26, 2023, Solemnity of Christ the King marked a momentous occasion as Grade Three pupils joyfully received their First Holy Communion. The solemn ceremony, presided over by the Rev. Fr. Hansel Marasigan and assisted by Rev. Fr. Enrico Salazar, was a poignant spiritual journey for the young communicants and their families.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the grade three pupils undertook a comprehensive and meaningful preparation for this sacrament, CLE teachers worked tirelessly to impart the significance of the Holy Eucharist, ensuring that the children were well-prepared to receive the body and blood of Christ for the first time. The air was filled with a sense of anticipation as families eagerly awaited this holy event.

The responsorial Psalm

Lighting of the candle

Blessing of Children with Holy Water

The Offering


The Old Gym adorned with beautiful flowers provided a serene backdrop for the momentous occasion. As the Grade Three pupils, dressed in pristine white garments, processed down the aisle, their faces radiated a blend of excitement and reverence. The congregation, consisting of proud parents, siblings, teachers, and Sisters witnessed the culmination of months of spiritual education.

Fr. Hansel Marasigan, with his gentle demeanor and wise counsel, led the ceremony with heartfelt devotion. His homily centered on the significance of the Eucharist, emphasizing the transformative power of this sacrament in the lives of the young communicants. Fr. Eric Salazar provided invaluable assistance, ensuring the seamless flow of the ceremony and offering blessings to the newly initiated members of the Church.

The highlight of the ceremony unfolded as each Grade Three pupil approached the altar to receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time. The air was filled with a hushed reverence as the communicants knelt before the priests, their eyes reflecting a deep sense of awe and humility. The whispers of prayers and the sacred songs sung by the children themselves created a poignant atmosphere, reinforcing the solemnity of the occasion

Following the ceremony, each grade level had a special photo opportunity. together with their Class adviser and Fr. Hansel in remembrance of this event. The First Holy Communion of Grade Three pupils simultaneously celebrating the Feast of Christ the King was not merely an event but a spiritual journey that united families and the community in faith. The memory of this sacred day lingered, reminding all present of the enduring significance of the Holy Eucharist in the lives of these young members of Christ's flock which from now on becomes part of their Christian living.

A Group Pic with Fr. Hansel Marasigan

The Sisters and the GS Faculty