Benchmarking Activity: Fostering Fraternity and Collaboration in the Pursuit of Quality Education

APR 06

Benchmarking Activity: Fostering Fraternity and Collaboration  in the Pursuit of Quality Education

Last April 4, Manresa School welcomed warmly the nine Administrators and teachers from Colegio de Sta. Rosa-Makati headed by Ms. Rita Ruivivar and Mrs. Vicky Cruz for a half-day benchmarking activity in the grade school department.

           The program formally started with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Tess Llorando and the welcome message of Sr. Joji Silorio, F.I. It was followed by the individual introduction of the visiting participants and the host school.  A short overview of Manresa School was presented by Ms. Yolly Cruz, while Sr. Edhen Mae Paranga, F.I. shared the timeline, processes, and strategies that the grade school department underwent in the preparations of PAASCU documents, write-ups, and exhibits.

The visiting participants eagerly and candidly asked questions during the area chairpersons’ meeting. To maximize the time, a working break was observed for the articulation which was followed by the exploration of the grade school facilities and the viewing of PAASCU documents and exhibits in the PAASCU Headquarters and Exhibit Room respectively.             

The visit was a timely encounter and an advantageous opportunity for the schools with Manresa having fresh insights and documents from their PAASCU visit last March 16-17 and for the learning and take-aways of CSR-Makati as they prepare for their PAASCU visit in the coming year.


After partaking of the bountiful lunch, Ms. Rita Ruivivar expressed her unending gratitude on behalf of CSR-Makati for the sharing of valuable insights and best practices; heartfelt joy for the fraternal accommodations; and renewed strength and commitment in their mission towards the pursuit of relevant and quality education. The activity ended with a closing prayer led by Ms. Eds Lumbao. Everyone left the conference room with smiles on their faces for the new-found friends, meaningful encounter and spirit-filled collaboration for quality education.  

by: Ma. Luisa P. Mandario