Tara, G na! Manresa Youth Day 2024

APR 06

Tara, G na! Manresa Youth Day 2024

          Manresa School celebrated its first-ever Manresa Youth Day (MYD 2024) post-pandemic last April 2, 2024, for our young Manresans from Grades 4 - 12 with the theme “Youth on the Move: Empowered Leaders, Lifelong Learners! Tara, G na!” This special event was organized by a persevering MYD Core Group composed of both teachers and students with the spiritual guidance of Sr. Joji “Jeck” Silorio, FI. It was headed by Mr. Dan Mark A. Geronimo and Abbygale S. Gonzales who worked hand in hand with selected student leaders namely Jacques Ausan, Nickole Francisco, Tanya Galolo, Nigelo Salvador, and Marlaine Tagayuna—guided by a few faculty members such as Mr. Patrick Bugay, Ms. Crystal Gahol, Ms. Krisna Gregorios, Mr. Nikko Jesoro, Mr. Ranniel Paabot, and Mrs. Iby Paquibot. The three primary objectives set for this momentous event were: to embrace one’s talents and giftedness, to embody the values of being a Tatak Manresan: Kapatid sa Kapwa, and to be empowered in leading and serving the society and the Church.

The Manresa Youth Day 2024 opened with a Eucharistic Mass which was presided over by Fr. Raul Tito Ranola to thank the Lord for the gift of this celebration with our young people. It was then followed by the unveiling, the blessing, and the procession of the first-ever Manresa Youth Cross which serves as a symbolic representation for the young people and will also be used in other spiritual youth activities. We extend our sincerest gratitude as the MS Youth Cross was sponsored by the Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA) and Mrs. Roehlyn Therese Del Rosario graced us with her presence as the MSPA representative during the said event.



     With the official launching of the MYD 2024, one of the highlights was the distribution of the Youth Kits for all the young people, which consisted of a rosary bracelet and a few snacks for the students to enjoy during the day. The students had bright smiles on their faces as they received their very own kits. Later, the members of the dance club then brought great excitement to the crowd with their energetic opening dance number. The crowd of young people danced along and showed great enthusiasm!



The preceding program of the Manresa Youth Day 2024 was divided into three main parts: the youth talk, the hobby hour, and the praise and worship. At the heart of the program, the Youth Talk with our guest speaker Ms. Lesley Anne Rosal, a well-known educator and youth minister delivered an inspirational talk about empowering the youth to become servant-leaders of church and society, while enriching the values of being a Tatak Manresan.

With the hobby hour being one of the things that the students have been looking forward to on MS Youth Day, all hardworking club moderators from both the grade school and the high school department collaborated to prepare activities for the students to showcase their individuality and enjoy the nature of this undertaking. Students were encouraged to register and join the club that piques their interests. This has paved the way for the youth to embrace their talents and giftedness while sharing this very same passion with other people.




        Ultimately, praise and worship for young people is not just about the singing of songs, nor the dancing along - it’s about encountering the presence of God in a meaningful and transformative way. It was made for the young people and was made possible by the young people. Together with the band Two Fourths, the student representatives of Manresa that were sent to Iloilo during National Youth Day 2024 shared a few of their worship song performances. This part of the program became an intimate space for connection between God and young people.



The Manresa Youth Day (MYD) 2024, was indeed a sweet success. The connections built and passions that have been strengthened were the ultimate victory of this event. All that has been accomplished serves as a manifestation of the God-given ingenious spirit sown in every young person. The youth is now indeed on the move toward becoming lifelong learners in line with God’s call to stewardship and empowered leaders who are in service of the universal church and its communities. Kaya naman… Tara, G na! 

by Abbygale Gonzales