Grade 9 Manresans' Outreach Activity

APR 08

Grade 9 Manresans' Outreach Activity

March 2024 as part of the Collaborative Outreach Program of Manresa School.  With the guidance of their teachers, the grade 9 students conducted fundraising activities to generate seed money to support the livelihood of BEC mothers in Fourth Estate, Paranaque City.

Aside from the financial assistance, the Grade 9 students also conducted a series of TALKs to the mothers about their livelihood program and activity.


Talk on Proper Food Handling and Sanitation by Grade 9 Compassion


      Product Demo on Preparing Chicken Quesadillas  by Grade 9 Fortitude


               Product Demo on Flower Making by Grade 9 Temperance


Talk about Onsite and Online Product  Advertisement by Grade 9 Prudence


Talk about Business Sustainability and  Accountability by Grade 9 Justice


The BEC mothers started their livelihood by selling products during the Manresa School Family Days last March 16-17, 2024.

Reflections and impressions of the Grade 9 students about their collaborative livelihood outreach activity:

We describe our experience as enjoyable, memorable, and fun. We realize that mothers reciprocated our dedication by participating actively throughout the program. -Aaron, Kolynne, Chloe, and Hikari, 9-Compassion

The outreach activity is a fun and memorable experience to look at in the future -- to help more other people. We learn the importance of gratitude. -Gabrielle, Zaina, Mikaela and Noel, 9-Temperance

We realize that outreach activities bring us joy as we help others. It also proves that teamwork makes the dream work. -Gianna, Ruri, Janell, Edwin and Sean, 9-Temperance

We feel happy when the mothers express their gratitude to us. We are blessed because we have proper education and we can share our little knowledge to the mothers, which means something big to them. -Krystelle, Leiyla, Dominic, and Noreen, 9-Compassion

The outreach program was truly heartwarming. We were able to teach the mothers a thing or two about promoting their businesses and knowing that we could help them sell their products more effectively and earn more money puts a smile on my face! -Zoie Dela Cruz, 9-Prudence

As the technical leader, I was deeply committed to doing something to benefit the mothers. I could feel it more when we were already in the outreach, as I was the one controlling the presentation directly in front of the mothers. Observing them made me desire to help and improve their lives. Being raised as an only child by my mother influenced my determination to support the mothers of the Fourth Estate. I am grateful for this opportunity to have connected with them and for the preparations each of us made to put smiles on their faces.  - Ai, 9-Prudence

It’s been a while since we had an outreach and this one was truly fulfilling. From the beginning of the process, I felt excited because I would gain experience in how to work with my classmates to create an informative presentation for the mothers of the Fourth Estate. During the day of the talk, I was nervous that we would not be able to give justice to the hard work put in by our class. I prayed to God, and the Holy Spirit guided us toward a successful outcome. I am happy to know that our efforts paid off and that by the end of the day, we imparted useful information for the mothers to use for their business to support their families. -Audrina, 9-Prudence

The students express their mixed emotions, heartfelt realizations, and meaningful reflections during the evaluation and processing of the entire outreach activity.  They express gratitude for having given the time and opportunity to see, listen, feel, and encounter the BEC mothers. The grade 9 outreach activity is a tangible way of putting to life the essence of collaboration, service, and love for the less fortunate in our community.  The students desire and pray that the livelihood of these outreach beneficiaries will bear fruitful results in improving their economic lives someday.

by Ms. Loi Mandario